Welcome to the portfolio of Rafael Snell-Feikema

Last updated May 19, 2014

Herein lies the collected works of a student. It is by no means a complete census, but instead is meant to be a preview, a brief snapshot, and an organized folder into which the future can be added. Here you can find a few short essays from each of my classes, several (largely unfinished and unpolished) short stories, a film or two, and scattered photographs. 

Much but not all of this is a coalescence of my work at the Massanutten Regional Governor's School for Environmental Science and Technology. Through this unique program, I was given the opportunity for a far more freeform educational curriculum. As such, a large number of these works are related to ecology and specific projects concerning globalization and its combatance. 

Other works include those completed in years previous to my enrollment, unrelated works from English and history classes, and several creative works. It should be noted that the collection of creative works here is small and incomplete: those that have not been added need more "polishing". 

For a complete overview of this portfolio and my cumulative works (focusing on my senior year), see Reflection - Reading, Writing, and Learning.docx